The Hubbard Memorial Chapel

The Chapel built early in the last century as a memorial to Meriden industrialist Walter Hubbard and his wife Abby Bradley Hubbard was renovated in 1999. It is available year round for funeral services, weddings, christenings or any other appropriate event.

The Chapel is designed to reflect the values of the Hubbard′s. Built of seamed faced trap rock quarried from Meriden′s hanging hills, it conveys a feeling of timeless permanence. The building faces east, with massive oak entry doors providing access to the vestibule and nave, both of which are of gothic design. The interior walls are faced with tapestry brick and support a cathedral ceiling of native oak.

Surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds the Chapel offers a quiet, dignified setting for important occasions. The Hubbard Memorial Chapel is conveniently located at the north entrance of Walnut Grove Cemetery and can comfortably accommodate up to eighty people. Music is available through use of the use of the organ or pre-recorded carillon bells.

In October, 1852, Walter Hubbard owner of a Meriden hardware store, married his partners sister; Abby Bradley. Mrs. Hubbard died less than six months later, one day before her twentieth birthday. Mr. Hubbard went on to become head of one of Meriden′s largest manufacturing firms and a noted philanthropist. Upon his passing in 1911 he bequeathed funds for the construction of a chapel in Walnut Grove Cemetery. His only condition being that he be interred in it next to his wife Abby.

Construction of the Chapel was completed in 1914 and Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard were interred under the alter section.

Abby Bradley Hubbard
Feb. 26, 1833
Feb. 25, 1853
Walter Hubbard
Sept. 23, 1828
Aug. 24, 1911

For a tour of the Hubbard Memorial Chapel or further information about it, contact the Cemetery office between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. weekdays or from 8:00 a.m. until noon on Saturdays.

Hubbard Park

Yes, this is the same Walter Hubbard who donated the spectacular Hubbard Park to the residents of Meriden. Most of the land was given to the town by Walter Hubbard, president of the Bradley & Hubbard Manufacturing Company. In his donation, the land was given outright, with the stipulation that everything connected with the park was to remain free of charge for the people of Meriden, and that no concessions for profit were ever allowed within the park area.

Hubbard spent a great deal of time and energy creating the park. He personally spent between $400,000 and $500,000 to clear land, build roads, and construct Mirror Lake with the help of Frederick Law Olmsted, who is best known for designing New York's Central Park. Hubbard built a tower on East Peak, known as Castle Craig, to resemble the towers built by the Turks along the Danube River in the 12th century.

City of Meriden historical article and directions to Hubbard Park.